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  • September 2018
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Zebra Uno has recently been commissioned by Zebra Access to undertake a filming project to raise awareness about Hate Crime. Funded by the West Midlands Police, this Hate Crime BSL Film Project is the first of its kind in the West Midlands that includes example scenarios which visually depict Hate Crime.

Zebra Uno filming

Zebra Uno’s Co-Director Nikki Stratton shares her experience in being involved with the project:

Raising awareness and ensuring Access for the Deaf community, which they equally deserve to Hearing people, is of great importance. Zebra Uno were delighted to take on this new film project, commissioned by Zebra Access and funded by West Midlands Police Active Citizens’ Fund.

For this project we rolled up our sleeves and listened to the Deaf Community’s frustrations and experiences related to Hate Crime. Even though their experiences were clearly Hate Crime, many were unaware that it was a crime as such! We later discovered that a number of Hate Crimes encountered by Deaf people go unreported, mainly because they are not aware it is a Hate Crime, they do not know who to report it to and they also lack the confidence to speak up.

My experience of meeting the deaf volunteers/actors from Wolverhampton who took part in this film project was impressive. I was amazed how passionate they were about supporting this film project by ‘giving it their all’, especially, when they had given up their time, booked days off work etc. I felt privileged to work with them and they were enthusiastic and actively contributed their ideas/suggestions for this film.

Zebra Uno filming

They were patient and understanding about letting a Director’s vision be captured as authentically as possible which involved some complex film directions. All in all, I’m proud to have met and worked with Wolverhampton’s Community to produce this important film project, which will be launched this summer.

I personally wanted to say a BIG thank you to my wonderful Media team who have worked very hard to ensure the smooth production of this film, and to Wolverhampton for allowing us to use their locations and the people that featured in this film production.

We will make a further announcement when the video is available to view online, keep an eye on our news and you can follow us on Facebook and on Twitter.

21st June 2018

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