What we do...

Zebra Uno is an innovative company that specialises in multimedia production.

We provide media accessibility in a whole range of areas, from corporate presentations and promotional materials to feature length films. Below is a list of the media services we offer. If what you need is not on the list, please do not hesitate to get in touch to see whether we can be of further assistance in making your video content more accessible.

We offer a variety of services


Media Translation

We have an extensive network of both Deaf and hearing experienced in-vision language service professionals to call upon, to provide high quality on-screen translation of your media content into BSL.


Video Production

Our experienced multimedia specialists can produce high-quality video content, audio tracks and subtitling, whilst using the latest technology.



The team can provide a variety of editing services to make your video footage come to life by adding VFX, titles, backgrounds and audio.



We can provide clear and concise English subtitles, from both English and BSL source material, to improve accessibility.


VHS Conversion

If you don’t want to lose those precious memories you currently have stored on VHS, our media team offer a VHS conversion service.



We are able to create bespoke media training packages and workshops for clients of all ages covering areas such as pre and post production, filming with smart phones, subtitling etc.

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